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Pet Travel Clinic is Perth's only dedicated veterinary preparation service for pets travelling internationally, and as part of the Jetpets family we offer a complete pet travel service.

Our uniquely integrated service includes Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources accredited export veterinary preparation, and a complete pet travel service with Jetpets people and operations across the globe. 

The Pet Travel Clinic is run by Dr Angus Currie, a veterinarian with over 15 years’ experience in clinical practice and as a certifying government veterinary officer overseeing the export of pets all over the world. You will always be assured of a high standard of service and individual attention with all aspects of your pet’s veterinary preparation being personally looked after by Angus.

Veterinary services include treatments, pre-travel health checks and certificates. Included is the provision of export  permits and all health certification to satisfy country of destination requirements. 

A complete pet travel service is delivered by the Jetpets team of pet travel experts. This includes Pet Travel Consultants who manage flight bookings and provide updates for peace of mind, as well as Pet Handlers to provide a complete door to door service. 

Pets travel in airline approved travel crates, perfectly sized for their comfort and safety. Travel crates are provided prior to travel so that pets can benefit from becoming familiar with their home away from home. Pets also relax and have a stretch during comfort stops, with Jetpets transit lounges across the country including Perth. 

At the Pet Travel Clinic and Jetpets we have firm belief in the human-animal bond and understand that your pets are truly members of the family and we treat them as such.