Pet Travel Clinic
Pet Travel Clinic

Welcome to the Clinic

The Pet Travel Clinic is Perth's only dedicated pet travel veterinary service.

The Pet Travel Clinic is run by Angus who is an Australian government Accredited Veterinarian and provides a complete range of veterinary services to allow your pet to meet the health requirements for travel to overseas countries.

The Pet Travel Clinic is integrated with our pet travel service providing a seamless one stop service to you and your pets. The integration of our services allows us to save costs and we pass these savings on to you.

Our aim is to minimise stress to you and your pets by providing all required services in one convenient location.

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Our services include:

  • All pets travelling with us receive a comprehensive health examination before they board their flight.
  • Specialist advice is available from our vet to reduce stress to your pet and make their journey as relaxed and comfortable as possible.
  • Stress reducing products can be prescribed by our veterinarian where appropriate.
  • Pre-export blood tests as required by the country of destination.
  • Parasite treatments as required by the country of destination.
  • Rabies vaccinations.
  • Leptospirosis vaccinations.
  • General vaccinations.
  • Microchipping.

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Contact us: Unit 2B, 7 Yampi Way
WA 6155

Tel: (08) 6365 5402