Pet Travel Clinic
Pet Travel Clinic


We specialise in the relocation of pets from Perth and Western Australia to destinations anywhere in the world.

Our services include:
  • Flight bookings to all destinations throughout the world - we will ensure that your pet flies via the most direct route and will include rest and comfort stops where possible and appropriate.
  • Provision of a correctly sized IATA compliant travel crate for your pet.
  • All required veterinary checks and tests at our Pet Travel Clinic. Our vet can also visit your pets at your residence if required.
  • Completion of accredited veterinary health certification.
  • Obtaining government health certificates and export permits.
  • Obtaining import and transit permits where required.
  • Drop your pet in to us at the Pet Travel Clinic shortly before their flight to minimise their time away from you.
  • Transfer to the airport in an air conditioned vehicle.
  • Delivery to residence in your country of destination if required.

Travel crates

Travel crates need to be the correct size for your pet and comply with IATA specifications.Pet Travel Specialists will provide your pets with a comfortable crate that is just right for them. We use specialist manufactured plastic crates and for larger dogs we will custom build wooden crates.

A shorter journey...

with our unique one stop service.Reduce your pets' journey time by dropping them off at our centrally located Pet Travel Clinic on the day of travel. They will then have their pre-travel vet check followed by a direct transfer to the airport when it's time for their flight.