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Read what some of our previous clients have to say about their travel experiences

Just letting you know that Hari and I arrived safely in the UK. He's non the worse for his long journey and is intrigued by his new environment. Thank you for making the whole process stress free and for answering my many questions (over and over again!) DKC were excellent by the way, they sent me a text and called me with an update on how Hari was doing. This really helped me relax more on my 2nd leg. The Emirates cabin crew also spoke to the captain on my behalf to reassure me that Hari was safely in cargo at Dubai as we were sat on the runway for a while and late departing, it was 45 degrees so I was obviously concerned! They also assured me it was cool in cargo and he would be safe. I landed at 7.20pm and we had my luggage and Hari picked up by 7.50pm. They loved him at Pets on Jets at Manchester airport! Thanks so much for looking after Hari and for being part of the team ensuring he arrived safely. - Jo and Hari, United Kingdom.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for getting Gizmo to us with such little trouble. I’ll be recommending you to everyone that we can!!! Thanks again. – Ollie and Gizmo, United Kingdom.

We wanted to let you know that Molly arrived safely back in the UK and is enjoying her walks in the countryside. She arrived looking very well and far less tired and stressed than when she travelled to New Zealand and your recommendation of Gatwick was great as she was cleared in a couple of hours. – Sue and Molly, United Kingdom.

Just to let you know that Aggie arrived safe and sound and is settling in well to the English summertime. Many thanks for making a potential stressful event trouble free. You made all the arrangements easy and we were able to send her off with confidence. She was full of beans when I collected her from Heathrow. – Alex and Aggie, United Kingdom.

Thanks for helping us get our cat to Houston. Aussie arrived safely and in good health. Your service is professional and top quality. Appreciate it. – Javier and Aussie, United States.

Apis landed in Warsaw healthy and in good spirit. We didn’t have any problem with collecting him, everything was organised extremely well. Thank you very much for your assistance and professional service. – Lech and Apis, Poland.
I've just realised I haven't thanked you for all your help and Bucket's safe journey to Scotland. Thank you so much. Bucket was ready for to be picked up not long after I landed and bounded out to meet me as if she'd never been inside a plane. No mess or hard feelings! I get the impression she actually enjoys air travel! You took all the worry out of the process (well most of it!) and I've already recommended you to a mate who may be moving back to England. - Gary and Bucket, Scotland.

Maisie and Leni arrived safely on Thursday. They are still a little jet lagged, but happy to be in their new home. – Kelly, Maisie and Leni, New Zealand.

Hi Angus, thanks for all your help, both Harry & Poppy arrived safe and sound in full voice this morning. No dramas with collection and clearance in Auckland either. - Phil, Harry and Poppy, New Zealand.

Just to let you know Mila arrived in tip top condition although ravenous as apparently she'd refused the food at DKC (wonders never cease!). The quarantine vet in Munich was a delightful guy who had let Mila out of her crate right away. Thanks again for your good service. – Jill and Mila, Austria.

Hi Angus! Pep is in Italy now, he is very good! Thanks for your job, I have a very best friend with me now! – Laura and Pep, Italy.

Our sincere thanks Angus. We certainly appreciate your help and professionalism. – Peter, Cheryl and Ieuan, United States.

Hi Angus, just wanted to pop you through an email to thank you for making Teisha and Tiny’s journey to NZ so easy. We are all here now and loving it. Best wishes. - Anna, Craig, Maggie and Teisha and Tiny, New Zealand.

Just wanted to say once again, thanks for all your help in getting Bertie and Cyril safely back to the UK. We picked them up within 3 hours of landing at Heathrow and then travelled to our home in the South West. They are both fine and settling in nicely! – Deborah, Bertie and Cyril, United Kingdom.

Picalilly arrived safe and sound today and is currently in hiding under the couch ! Thanks for your help. – Heather and Picalilly, New Zealand.
Shelby arrived safe and sound this morning. Mother and cat both happy. – Andrew and Shelby, New Zealand.

Thank you for taking care of Chyna. Everything went perfectly :) I picked her up this morning and she is now settling in to our new home. – Kim and Chyna, New Zealand.

Noup has settled happily in Taranaki. He arrived safe and well and all went smoothly. Now extremely happy snuffling around the snake free bush! Thank you for a great service. – Elizabeth and Noup, New Zealand.

Rusty arrived fit and well. Ungrateful little scamp didn't get us any little presents from Dubai Duty Free. Thanks for all of your efforts. – Graham and Rusty, United Kingdom.

I cannot thank you enough organising the move for Ruby back to the UK. You made it effortless and stress free. From the moment she left with you on the morning of her flight until she was delivered to our home. – Julie and Ruby, United Kingdom.

Max arrived safe and sound and on time in Dunedin. We watched his crate come off the plane and he was lying down, just taking everything in and then very happy to see us when he did. He was clean so looks like he'd made it through without any accidents. He's settled well and luckily it was nice and warm by Dunedin standards when we arrived so it wasn't too much of a shock for him. – Tania and Max, New Zealand.

Two beautifully happy cats arrived in Scotland today. They were happy and clearly had been so well looked after during their long journey and were delivered by a gorgeous lady from 'Pets on the Move' at 5pm. She was so lovely and cats so happy - it was like a commercial when the van arrived (and we live in the sticks!)! Thank you so very much. You made everything a piece of cake and for our cats to be last week out in the Aussie sun chasing lizards and today lolling by the fire in Scotland is quite astounding. I will send pics when I can get them together. Ben currently kipping under a bed upstairs. green by fire. McBen and McGwen both in fetching new tartan collars. We are so glad we used Pet Specialists. You are fab! Thank you! – Lindsey, Phil, Ben and Gwen, Scotland.
Lizzie arrived safely and she is at home with my mum and sister. My sister says Lizzie has been very affectionate but quiet. She has eaten little bits and has used her litter tray! So much relief around! Thank you for all your assistance. Marilyn and Lizzie, Scotland.

Many, many thanks for your service and communication. Best wishes and once again many thanks for taking care of the whole operation. - Cherie and Rocky, New Zealand.

Your help in expediting the transportation of Indian to Canada is much appreciated and will be remembered. - Stephen and Indian, Canada.

Just to let you know that Louie arrived at Manchester Airport unscathed and with no problems at all. We'd like to thank you again for sorting out the transfer and for your making the process painless for us all. Very best wishes. - Alan, Anita and Louie, United Kingdom.

Just wanting to let you know, that Koda got to Christchurch without any hiccups. According to the officers here he was very relaxed while we did the paperwork. Thank you for all your help and for preparing him so well. - Marita and Koda, New Zealand.

Just to let you know all went smoothly and Luca arrived safely in very good condition. Thank you for all your help. - Liz and Luca, New Zealand.

Thanks so much for your help for transporting Fluffy, I will definitely recommend my friends to contact you if they need to transport any pets! - Rachel and Fluffy, Singapore.

Thank you Angus she arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thank you for all your help. – Summa and Milly, New Zealand.

The guys have arrived safe and sound in Manchester. Thanks again for all your help. – Barbara, Allan, Max and Sam, United Kingdom.

Hello I just wanted to say thank you for your help to get our Chachi safely home, he is doing really well with my mum and has settled in beautifully. Thanks again. - Julie and Chachi, United Kingdom.

Thank you Angus. Coco is in our new pad in one piece...apart from her wide eyes she's great. Kind regards and all the best. – Natasha, Alistair and Coco, New Zealand.

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for sorting Harry's travel requirements and picking him up yesterday. Cherry picked him up all safe and sound at the other end in Auckland this morning. - Annette, Michael and Harry, New Zealand.

Thanks again for your very caring, friendly and professional service, I will be sure to recommend you. – Tamlin, Shnoop and Mylo, United Kingdom.

Just a quick email to say Bella arrived safely and is happy to be back at home, thank you for your wonderful service. You couldn’t have made the experience any easier and happier for me and my pet. Thank you again you will be highly recommend. – Rochelle and Bella, New Zealand.

Just to let you know Smokey arrived home safely and has settled in very well. Thanks for all your help. – Victoria and Smokey, New Zealand.

Thank you so much for your organization and support. – Ginny, Jade and Mitten, New Zealand.

Luigi arrived safe and well and enjoyed his first walk in the English countryside. Many thanks for all your help and assistance in such a short timeframe. Much appreciated. – Joanne, Michael and Luigi, United Kingdom.

Just a quick email to let you know the dogs arrived saved in Cape Town and they are happily enjoying South Africa! Thanks so much for your work. – Linda, Peggy and Hugo, South Africa.

Just to let you know that Whizzer arrived safely and none the worse for her flight. Thanks again for all of your help. - Lesley and Whizzer, United Kingdom.

Thanks, she arrived safe and sound in Frankfurt yesterday. She enjoys her new huge garden and made her first friends as well... Thanks again! - Melanie and Mocha, Germany.


Max and Forest's storyMy seeing eye dog Forest and me are frequent travellers as I have to attend international conferences for my PhD studies or go to training camps and competitions as a paralympic athlete. Australia's quarantine requirements have got the highest standards world wide and involve a lot of paperwork and organisation to insure a smooth import or export of your animal. It is, thus, very important to get yourself and your pet well prepared before your intended journey. Since I am travelling internationally with a dog, I always had the chance to take advantage of Angus's great support. He walked me through all the requirements making sure that we did not miss any step along the preparation process. His calm and precise guidance gave me also a lot of confidence taking Forest overseas for the very first time as I knew exactly what was required of me as the dog handler to insure a problem free export and import from and to Australia.

I really appreciated a lot that Angus always took the time to explain things over and over again and valued his personalised service as every client is different and requires a different level of support. As I am depending on public transport to get around, Angus made my life a lot easier by coming out to my house to check on Forest and to complete the required paperwork with me. His background as a governmental veterinarian for the Australian Quarantine Service, provides him with additional insights and expertise to assist in every situation, which was often a good help to overcome some of my special travel requests. I would be happy to speak to anyone who would like to get further information from a client perspective. Just ask Angus for my contact details and I will be in touch with you. Writing this down, I now realised why I constantly keep saying to people that travelling international with an animal from and to Australia is actually not that difficult if you follow the requirements as I always experienced the process very positively thanks to Angus's great support.

Best wishes,
Max Bergmann