Pet Travel Clinic
Pet Travel Clinic

Travel to New Zealand

If you need to take your pets back to New Zealand we provide a full service including all veterinary tests and treatments as well as flights to New Zealand.

Heading back over the ditch and need to take the critters with you? Although there is no quarantine for dogs and cats arriving in New Zealand from Australia there are a number of blood tests and treatments that are required. The timing of these tests and treatments is important and if done incorrectly this can lead to delays in your pet's travel or them being quarantined in New Zealand.

Pet Travel Specialists provides a complete service to clients wishing to take their dogs and cats to New Zealand. All the required blood tests and treatments are carried out by our DAFF Accredited Veterinarian at our dedicated Pet Travel Clinic. We can book your pets on flights to all major towns and cities in New Zealand.

Ask us for a quote, you will find that our integrated service is provided at a reasonable price.

NZ airports
Where can my pets go to in NZ?

All pets travelling from Perth to NZ currently fly direct to Auckland. They can then be flown on connecting flights to most larger airports in NZ.